How Federal Marijuana Policy Is Pushing Veterans into the Black Market

Many disabled veterans are having success using cannabis instead of addictive and dangerous pharmaceuticals for conditions such as anxiety and PTSD. But although millions of people get medical marijuana prescriptions each year, disabled veterans are forced to buy their weed on the black market because the Department of Veterans Affairs will not prescribe it.

Was Quarantine Made for Cannabis?

 “You wake up, you have a good breakfast, you maybe take some vitamins, you do work, you have lunch, do more work, smoke a joint, eat an edible. It’s becoming the norm since we’ve been on lockdown.”

How to make cannabis-infused condiments for your next BBQ

As Memorial Day approaches and the covid-19 quarantine winds down, you may already be thinking about hot summer afternoons in the backyard with family, friends, beer, barbeque and weed. Even, if not in that order. How about some recipes to infuse cannabis into your barbeque sauce, mustard and other condiments? Enjoy!


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