Don’t pass that dutch: How potheads are rethinking marijuana etiquette amid coronavirus

Smoking weed is often a group activity so, in the age of coronavirus, are you still puffing on communal joints? Or is that behavior now frowned upon among your friends? Are you a careful, health-conscious pothead? Has the weed etiquette in your group evolved to protect from catching covid 19 from the tip of a …

Mike Tyson smokes a joint in his chauffeured car after dinner at celebrity restaurant Craig’s in Hollywood

Isn’t it great to be Mike Tyson? As seen here, the former heavyweight champ is smoking a huge joint in his limo after dinner at Craig’s, a celebrity restaurant in Hollywood. This is a guy who’s revealed that he smokes $40,000 of weed per month at his 40-acre weed. Just a diligent producer sampling his …

Meet the 81-year-old Beverly Hills rabbi who’s running for office to give people pot

California legalized cannabis for adults in 2016. But the city of Beverly Hills remains a cannabis-free zone. It does not allow any cannabis-related businesses within its limits – not even for medical purposes. Now comes an 81-year-old rabbi who’s running for city council for the express purpose of changing this.

What to do when your partner hates weed

Weed is very important to you and your lifestyle. Right? So, what do you do if the person you are dating hates it and does not approve of you using it? Do you give up the weed or the lover? Decisions, decisions. Here are the views of sex coach and CannaSexual founder Ashley Manta.


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