A Scientist in Jamaica Is Recreating the ‘Supreme Ganja’ That Bob Marley Used to Smoke

Meet Dr. Machel Emanuel, a botanist at the University of The West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica. Between traversing the Caribbean to find seeds and the work he’s doing in his own garden, he’s trying to re-create “Supreme Ganja” – the strain once smoked by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer and other reggae icons in …

MLB will remove marijuana from list of ‘drugs of abuse’ and test for opioids under new drug agreement

Major League Baseball and its players union have announced a new drug testing regime that removes marijuana from its list of “drugs of abuse,” Under this new policy, the League’s attitude towards marijuana (and its abuse) will be no different from alcohol. I don’t keep track of these things but it seems that this change …

3 Michigan marijuana shops net $221,000 on first day of recreational sales

Economists call it pent up demand! The first day of legalized recreational marijuana sales in Michigan was a financial boon for three Ann Arbor shops – the only retailers licensed to sell recreational marijuana in the state. The three stores racked up total sales of $221,000. Not bad for the first day of business. https://www.abc12.com/


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