Don’t be a rude marijuana user: Rules to live by as legalized sales begin in Michigan

Are you a rude marijuana user? Are you familiar with the proper etiquette related to the using, sharing and gifting of marijuana? There is, of course, the commonsense stuff like labeling edibles before serving them and not pressuring people who are reluctant to use. But are there more subtle customs known to marijuana connoisseurs that …

With $1 Million In The Bank, Tiny Colorado Border Town Considers Opening More Pot Stores

Sedgwick, a tiny town with only about 150 residents just five miles from the Nebraska border, is home to the only licensed marijuana dispensary in northeast Colorado. And, it’s easy access from a couple of interstates has made it a popular stopover for marijuana tourists. Now, the town has a big problem! A $1 million …

Surprise! Michigan adult-use cannabis sales begin Dec. 1

Michigan, the new frontier for recreational cannabis? Michigan state regulators recently approved the movement of pre-existing medical marijuana products into a newly licensed recreational supply chain—allowing the sale of cannabis flower, extracts, and edibles as soon as Dec. 1.

The Dying California Desert Town Where Cannabis Is the Only Remaining Hope

So many people in so many different places are looking to cannabis as the cure for whatever ails them. The solution to intractable problems that have plagued them for decades. Here’s a story about a god forsaken California town that is pushing to make itself into a cannabis industry center for the prospect of tax …


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