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We're all about ganja vacations ... in JAMAICA!

Looking for a cool holiday destination to chill, soak in some sun, get a little sand between your toes and score some righteous legal weed?

There are lots of places like this in Jamaica Mon! And, this website is the only place to find the information you need to plan such a vacation - ganja-friendly resorts, great 420 deals, health and wellness spas, dispensaries, Rasta tours and events, etc. Whether your ganja vacation interests are recreational, cultural, culinary, health related or whatever, this is the place to start your search.


Featured Ganja Vacation Deals


Little Bay Hideaway, Little Bay

Little Bay Hideaway’s Sweet Weather ganja vacation package delivers an entire week in your own little off-the-beaten-path hideaway where you are free to do whatever you’d like far away from the busy tourist hangouts. It is a very ganja forward package offering, among other things, a daily supply of weed plus dining on outstanding local fare.
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Little Bay Hideaway, Little Bay

This is a short but fun couples ganja vacation – in a quiet fishing village where you’ll probably have the beach all to yourselves while you recline on Little Bay Hideaway’s beach sofas and toke on yourfavouritelocal strains. It will be 4 days and 3 nights of buds, sun and sand.
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Little Bay Hideaway, Little Bay

This Blaze ganja vacation package is chockfull of activities and great experiences for the serious weed enthusiast. It starts with a visit an herb house minutes out of the airport departure lounge and continues with your arrival at Little Bay Hideaway where there’ll be more weed waiting for you. You'll be blazing a fiery trail for all 5 days and 4 nights at your own little ganja hideaway.
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Hotbox Jamaica, Ocho Rios

It’s a 4-day party for you and your best buds at HotBox, an intimate 420 getaway on Jamaica’s fabulous North Coast just outside the popular resort town of Ocho Rios. You and up to 5 of your weed besties will have the legendary bud and breakfast all to yourselves to toke to your heart’s content and roam the property’100+ riverfront acres. Can you think of a better, more exciting, higher antidote for the winter blues.
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A bespoke cannabis experience company

Suite420 is a bespoke cannabis experience company providing guests with an elevated approach to experiencing cannabis culture in Jamaica. The company offers unique, fun adventures created to highlight not only the dispensaries throughout Jamaica but also activities and companies that represent the diversity that makes Jamaica one of the best countries in the world – with a focus on providing safe, comfortable, and unforgettable cannabis experiences.
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Go Natural, Long Bay

This ganja vacation package is for the ganja tourist with a concern for their health as well. You get to practice yoga, meditate, read in a hammock, nap in a daybed, sit around the fire, move to the Reggae beat, or sunbathe by the sea, and enjoy canna infused food and drink. All of this while also immersing yourself in the warm sun, the soothing Caribbean and Jamaica’s reggae vibes.
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Go Natural, Long Bay

Relax and Detox is more than just a yoga vacation package, It is a ganja infused wellness vacation for the canna tourist with a desire to relax, rejuvenate, revitalize body and soul, boost their health and immune system, de-stress, detoxify, and reconnect with nature. With, of course, access to some of Jamaica’s finest ganja.
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Germaican Hostel, Port Antonio

This extraordinarily affordable Stargazers ganja vacation package is ideal for the young backpacker looking to spend a few days with other young weed lovers at one of the most laidback places on earth. You’ll have a great time hanging out with other like-minded weed lovers – and, will almost certainly return home with a few German words added to your vocabulary.
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Germaican Hostel, Port Antonio

This Jamfusion ganja vacation packageis for to the serious weed loving couple with a desire for an intense Jamaican ganja experience. You’ll spend your days and nights lounging with other like-minded weed lovers at one of the most laidback places on a very laidback island. You’ll be an expert on Jamaican weed by the time you begin to pack your bags for home.
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Mynt Retreat & Spa, MONTEGO BAY

Mynt Retreat’s Garden of Weeden is the perfect weed vacation package. You buy your weed a dispensary steps from your room choosing from Mynt’s speciality brands and then retire to consume in private in beautiful, outdoor natural spaces designed for that purpose. You are going to have a hard time leaving this Garden of Weeden.
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Ocean Cliff Hotel, Negril

This Oceantease vacation package is for the discriminating ganja tourist; one accustomed to upscale accommodations and outstanding customer service. The package offers the better part of a week at a luxurious, ganja friendly resort with access to exciting ganja activities, great dining and pampering spa treatments.
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Wild Coffee Retreat, NEGRIL

The wonderfully offbeat, off-the-beaten-path, bohemian vacation sanctuary that is Wild Coffee Retreat was made in heaven for the iconoclastic ganja tourist with a premium on privacy, hospitality, adventure, and new experiences. The Hylife Retreat Jamaica vacation package offers all these things in what is sure to become an unforgettable Jamaican holiday experience.
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Begona Cliff Hotel, Negril

Begona Cliff’s High Life ganja vacation package delivers a memorable holiday at the newest boutique hotel in Negril, Jamaica’s capital of casual. You get comfortable, accommodations, modern facilities, beautiful sunsets as well as lots of ganja and ganja experiences. This is a ganja vacation that you’ll be talking about for decades.
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School of Vision Rasta Camp & Guesthouse, Irish Town

This Shiloah ganja vacation package offers the adventurous ganja tourist an off-the-grid experience in a Rastafarian community way up in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. In addition to grand views of the mountains and the city of Kingston below, you get an upfront, firsthand introduction to the rights, rituals, and practices of the Rastafari religion. Plus, access to lots of great organic ganja – grown right there in the community.
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School of Vision Rasta Camp & Guesthouse, Irish Town

With this Jazz Fire ganja vacation package, you get to spend the better part of a week at the School of Vision Rastafarian Camp & Guesthouse way up in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. You’ll get an intimate introduction to Rastafari cultural and religious practices, dine on authentic ital cooking prepared with produce from the camp’s own farms and smoke tons of ganja harvested from fields that you’ll probably have walked through. By the seventh day, nobody will be surprised if you want to convert or, at least, extend your stay.
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Kaly Breeze is a package for the serious weed enthusiast. You’ll be in a guesthouse with a ganja growing operation right next door. How does unlimited access to best organic marijuana available sound to you? Can a ganja vacation get any better than that? There is a terrific Italian restaurant onsite and for variety there is great, authentic Jamaica fare at nearby restaurants.
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Moringa Ingadi Village, Treasure Beach

This package offers the adventurous ganja tourist a real taste of the incredibly special experience that is Treasure Beach. Accommodations at Moringa Ingadi’s African style village, good Jamaican ganja, mingling with the locals at small neighborhood eateries, and Miss Shirley’s steam bath and massage are just a few of the experiences in this Treasure Beach Ganja Vacation Package.
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This Feel Free ganja vacation package from Jamaica Beach Cottages was tailor made in heaven for the serious ganja enthusiast. And a one-week vacation for 2 people at this price is amazing! You can smoke to your heart’s content from the terrace of your cottage or in the main house with an occasional break for a dip in the sea or a cool drink.You can also accompany Volker on a visit to a ganja farm to see how the local farmers work. Everything ganja is possible at Jamaica Beach Cottages. Just ask.
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Good Hope Retreat, Kentucky

This is a true ganja retreat! You’ll be up in Jamaica’s cool Kentucky mountains 2,000 feet above sea level experiencing village life close to the sights, sounds and smells of nature dining on exquisite local fare and pampered by owners Sean and Geneva. And, of course, close to ganja farmers eager to educate you about their approach and have you sample their product.
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This package delivers 5 days and 4 nights at Negril’s newest and very attractive, 5-star beachfront, ganja friendly resort - centrally located on Negril’s famous 7-Mile Beach close to several herb houses. This will be a ganja vacation to remember.
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Luna Sea Inn, Bluefields

This Lunatics Ganja Vacation package offers 7 days and 6 nights in a luxurious, picturesque boutique beachfront hotel on Jamaica’s beautiful south coast. It is an all-inclusive packae that includes accommodations, all meals and a more than an ample sample of ganja experiences. This, dear lunatics, will be a ganja vacation to remember.
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Luna Sea Inn, Bluefields

This package offers 7 days and 6 nights in a luxurious, picturesque boutique beachfront hotel on Jamaica’s beautiful south coast plus, a more than an ample sample of ganja experiences. Guests who purchase this package can choose to have lunch and dinner at the hotel or sample the many interesting local dining options in the area.
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What Our Ganja Vacationers Say



Our vacation to Jamaica was an amazing experience and even more so because we were set up with some of the best people on the island.



Our tour of the local cannabis farm was very unique- we walked up a hill 40 mins and down through the brush so do bring good walking shoes and long pants! It is a true glimpse at local life, as your guide - the local bush doctor- will take you up to his best grow.

Erikka and Sam


Choosing Ganja Vacations is one of the best decisions I have ever made … it was the safest trip I have ever taken…. The pickup at the airport took us to a dispensary to grab our first taste of Jamaican weed.

Bjarie J

This is one of the most unique places I’ve ever been to ……… It’s not obvious when you first show up, but you soon realize that Ganja … is all around the beautiful mountains surrounding the retreat.


North Carolina

…. Our trip was AMAZING! We had an incredible time …And the hotel is right on the beach, it's gorgeous! I cannot say enough nice things about it…. it was the best vacation I have ever been on in my life!!

Exotic Ganja-Friendly Resort Partners

Little Bay Hideaway LITTLE BAY, JAMAICA

Little Bay Hideaway is a rustic vacation getaway; a hidden gem nestled in a quiet fishing village just 20 minutes around the coast from Negril and about 90 minutes from the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. Its 10 rustic, beachfront cottages offer an intimate, magical and life-changing experience with an emphasis on self care, fun, and personal development. It’s a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of the typical resort town vacation vibe. The unparalleled sunrises and sunsets are a special treat.

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Go Natural is a hidden gem; a wellness paradise with its own pristine, private beach in Long Bay on Jamaica’s beautiful northeast coast about 3 hours from the Norman Manley Airport in Kingston and 45 minutes from the town of Port Antonio. Removed from the crowds and congestion of the popular tourist towns, Go Natural offers intimate, magical, and life-changing retreats with a focus on personal attention, fun, and a holistic approach to wellness. Go Natural welcomes everyone to work on their health and wellness whether these be solo travellers, couples, or groups.

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Germaican Hostel Port Antonio

Germaican Hostel is located high in the hills above the small rural, seaside town of Port Antonio on Jamaica’s northeast coast with stunning views of the town, the Caribbean, and the Blue Mountains. It’s an ideal place for the budget-minded ganja tourist to relax, chill out to Reggae vibes, andsoak up the spectacular sunsets.

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Mynt Retreat & Spa MONTEGO BAY

Mynt Retreat & Spa is a one-of-a-kind gem nestled in a cul-de-sac on approximately 2 lush acres about 5 minutes from Montego Bay’s town centre and the Donald Sangster International Airport. The Retreat includes 7 spacious and comfortable rooms on 2 levels, a fully functioning spa as well as a marijuana dispensary and vape shop. There is also a restaurant, bar, and salon.

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Wild Coffee Retreat is an adults-only, bohemian boutique resort in a hidden cul-de-sac at the deep west end of the Negril cliffs, about 90 minutes from the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay and a 7–10-minute drive to Seven Mile Beach. It is a handcrafted, art deco style bed and breakfast comprised of 9 cozy cottages tucked away behind rustic stone walls, thatches and luscious tropical gardens.

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Begona Cliff is a brand new 12-room boutique hotel perched on the cliffs of Negril’s West End with stunning views of the sea and magnificent sunsets. Designed by award winning Jamaican architect, Maxine Gibson, the hotel offers an affordable combination of an intimate setting, comfortable accommodations,and modern facilities and is a good place from which to explore Negril and its environs.

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School of Vision Rasta Camp & Guesthouse Irish Town

School of Vision offers basic but comfortable and very affordable accommodations in the form of several single rooms and double rooms that share a bathroom, kitchen,and dining area. Guests range from hikers and backpackers to family groups. Just about anyone with a yen for an off-the-beaten-path, off the grid vacation and curiosity about Jamaican culture, in general and Rastafarianism, in particular. There is no airconditioning but but at over 3,000 ft. above sea level, you won’t miss it.

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La Familia Guesthouse & Natural Farm LONG BAY

La Familia Guesthouse and Farm is a beautiful villa located between the jungle and the beautiful white sand beach of Long Bay about 2 hours from the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston. The guesthouse is owned and operated by Enrico and Suna, an Italian couple steeped in Jamaican culture who also run a small restaurant (trattoria style) on the property. The grounds are lush, and the facilities are humble, yet stylish. The hospitality is incredible, and the hosts are very friendly and down-to-earth.

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Moringa Ingadi Village is in Treasure Beach on the laid-back southwest coast of Jamaica. The property consists of 3 spacious and authentic African themed cottages that offer a comfortable, bohemian, re-energizing,private, peaceful and very affordable home away from home, It is also close to the beach with amazingly warm, friendly and solicitous hosts.

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Jamaica Beach Cottages is comprised of 4 charming, comfortable, and inviting cottages right on thebeach in the town of Parottee on the south west coast of Jamaica about 90 minutes from the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay and just 10 minutes from the parish capital of Black River. The property is lush and abundant with flowering trees and bushes as well as tropical fruit trees.

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Good Hope Retreat is comprised of 2 distinctively handcrafted cottages in Jamaica’s Kentucky mountains 2,000 ft above Bluefields Bay amid lush gardens, wandering trails, fruit orchards, the sounds of songbirds and an astonishingly beautiful view of the surrounding forest and the sea beyond.

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Blue Skies Beach Resort Negril, Jamaica

Blue Skies Beach Resort is a new five-star, beach front adventure resort on Negril’s famous 7-mile white sand beach. Its boutique collection of 23 suites and rooms will take you away to a place where the sky is always blue, the beach is only steps away and a wonderful vacation experience awaits. Among other things, you can jump out of an airplane (coming 2022), explore the ocean, or simply enjoy time with family and friends over dinner and cocktails.

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LUNA SEA INN Bluefields, Jamaica

Luna Sea offers you many ways to do as little as possible.You can jump into the oceanfor a swim, idle in one of the many chaise lounges, sunning beds and Adirondack chairs scattered throughout the property or dive into the infinity pool for a quick cool down. You can also get some rays by the small man-made beach next to a public beach used by local fisherman.

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How About A Ganja Farm Tour?

What better way for a weed lover to add excitement to a Jamaican vacation than with a ganja farm tour? And it does not matter if you booked one of our deals are traveled to the island in some other way. If you are in Jamaica, we can arrange a ganja farm tour for you.

  • Hotel pickup and drop off
  • Lots of smokes
  • Learn about Jamaica strains
  • Learn to roll like a Rasta
  • Purchase product
  • Take lots of photos

Jamaica's Unique Ganja Dispensaries

EPICAN: Educate Medicate Elevate

A recent online review refers to Epican’s Kingston facility as “setting the standard for deluxe marijuana establishments” and goes on to say that “the place screams quality from the minute you open the doors and that “:the aesthetic is modern yet relaxing” with “an abundance of knowledgeable budtenders staffing the joint.”.

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Itopia Life

Itopia Life was among the first licensed medical cannabis cultivators in Jamaica. Its flagship dispensary in Kingston supplies superior medical cannabis to patients who have the option to consume on site in their relaxing and tasteful consumption rooms.

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Kaya Herb House: A wellness Ecosystem

Kaya opened the first herb house in Jamaica and is one the true pioneers of the island’s burgeoning ganja industry. It operates 2 retail operations but is also involved with growing and processing. All its weed is organic and locally grown.

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Island Strains: 100% local from seed to sale

.Located on Montego Bay's famous Hip Strip, Island Strains Herb House offers a variety of strains for purchase and consumption. The facility also boasts a smoker’s room, an area for consultation with a medical professional for customers without a prescription as well as a breathtaking sea deck.

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Sensi Medial Cannabis House

Sensi Medical Cannabis House is the latest medical ganja dispensary to open in Kingston with plans to add locations in Negril, Portmore, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios in short order. They are so new; they don't have a website. The dispensary is however clearly open for business.

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